Meet Emily Pierce


undefinedWho are you and what do you do for Dorn Homes?

My name is Emily Pierce and I handle accounts payable for Dorn Homes.  

How long have you worked for Dorn Homes?

I have worked for Dorn Homes for 10 years.  

What is you favorite part of working at Dorn Homes?

I really enjoy the people I work with here in the office and the trade partners we have on board are some of the best people I have had the opportunity to work with.  

Which Dorn Homes Model is your favorite? Why?

 I am living in my favorite model. It is the Desert Sunset in Viewpoint.  I love the open floor plan and the large kitchen island. I couldn't be happier.  

What is your favorite thing to do or place to go in Prescott?

I really like going to the square.    

What are your hobbies?

I have children. I have no time for hobbies.  

What is your favorite...

Song? Changes from day to day

Movie? I have to admit I am a huge fan of Twilight - TEAM EDWARD

Color? Turquoise

Food? Everything except Brussel sprouts 

Sports Team? Chicago Bears  

What is your guilty pleasure?

CHOCOLATE and a good pedicure