Congratulations! You’ve finally made it… no more long hours at the office, now is your time to enjoy life on your own terms! I know you are excited, but I’m sure you are nervous as well… How are you going to spend your time after you retire? Are you staying in your current home? Where do you want to live?  These are probably some of the questions rushing through your head.

All of these questions should be considered together when you consider investing in a new home for your retirement.

What activities are available in the community?

Many communities are now offering a resort-like experience. Dorn Homes builds in Prescott Lakes, Laughlin Ranch, and Quailwood, which are all master planned communities that offer a pool gym, clubhouse, and social activities. Prescott Lakes and Laughlin Ranch also have full service Spas within the community!

What is there to do around the community?

It’s smart to visit any towns that you are considering before you make a new home investment. Get a feel for the lifestyle and activities accessible for you! Will your friends and family want to visit you there?

Proximity to Medical Facilities

How far will you have to travel for your doctor visits? How close is the nearest hospital in case of an emergency?

Are you going to travel?

If you plan to travel frequently, be sure to find out how far you will have to travel to the nearest airport. If day trips are more your style, take a look at some visitor guides to see what sort of attractions you have access to within a 3 hour drive. How much maintenance will your home require?

New homes will require a lot less maintenance than a pre-existing home during the first few years. Everything in the home will be brand new, plus you will have a warranty on most items.

Dorn Homes has spent years researching small towns throughout Arizona that are wonderful places for retirement. There are plenty of outdoor activities, social events, and offer many other travel opportunities within a short drive. If you are looking to retire to a small town in Arizona, we welcome you to come visit us at one of our new home communities.