Learn About the Nest Thermostat


undefinedI’m sure you have heard a lot about “Smart Homes” during your search for a new home. Our team here at Dorn Homes keeps an eye on the latest technological advances in the homebuilding industry, and works to bring them to you in our homes.

We are very proud to offer the Nest Thermostat as a standard feature in many of our homes. The Nest Thermostat takes a programmable thermostat to the next level, by learning your heating and cooling needs! You no longer need to manually schedule your thermostat to reduce your energy usage! Nest creates a custom schedule for you while you are home, and automatically shuts itself down when you are away saving you up to 20% on your energy usage.

If you are away on vacation, the Nest has an added benefit… You can control your thermostat with your mobile device. I’m sure you’ve come home after vacation to a warm home since your air conditioner has been off. Imagine being able start your AC up right when you plane lands, ensuring a perfect temperature when you arrive at home!