Green Cleaning Tricks


A few all-natural cleaning tricks with items you probably already have in your house!

  1. Add a half cup of lemon juice in with your laundry to brighten your whites
  2. Just painted you walls and now have paint on your hands? Rub vegetable oil on them before washing with soap to easily remove the paint.
  3. Ran out of wood polish? Mix 2 cups of olive oil with juice from a lemon. Rub onto your furniture with a soft cloth
  4. Have spots on your freshly cleaned glasses? Try adding vinegar to the rinsing water.
  5. Mineral deposits on your showerhead? Fill a plastic bag with vinegar then tie over your showerhead so it is completely submerged. Leave it overnight, then remove and run the water for a couple minutes in the morning.
  6. Pet Odors in the air? Put water and baking soda in a crock-pot and let it cook on low for a few hours to remove odors. Try adding spices to the mix as well for a nice fragrance.
  7. Trying to remove dust from your artificial flowers? Put the flowers in a bag and add salt. Shake the bag and the salt will help remove the dust and dirt.

Do you have any all-natural cleaning tips or tricks? Share them below.