VIDEO: How We Design a Home


[Jason] When I design a Dorn Home I want it to be a space that when you walk in the door you want to live there, you want to entertain your friends, you want to embrace the light and the textures that are present and it makes you feel like this is a special place to live. At Dorn Homes we look for inspiration in many places. We're seeking the architectural heritage of America. We're looking for craftsman, bungalow, Santa Barbara... any style that represents the culture and the environment that we are building in.

[Dave] We all think some day I want to retire and move to one of those great small towns... we get that. and we've spent the last 15 years studying Arizona and picking the best small towns that exist in Arizona. And they're so different, so from the red rocks of Sedona, to the spanish colonial architecture and history in Tubac, to the rugged geographical formations in Bullhead City and Laughlin, to Green Valley and the Santa Rita Mountains, every one of those places is special, it all has a special charm, a culture, and architectural style. So at Dorn Homes we'll study those small towns, those environments, and we'll take what's already been created and then celebrate it. And instill it in the design of our homes and our architecture. So as you pull up in front of a home in Tubac, it looks like you're in Tubac. And some times it looks like it's been there for a hundred years. It feels authentic... because it is authentic. And if you go to Sedona, and you pull up in font of our great Enchantment model, it's got this stone, brick, the wood, it fits in, it's part of why people move to Sedona. So that's what really sets us apart from, I think, a lot of our competitors, is that our homes have a soul. And they celebrate the great American small town that you'll find throughout Arizona.

[Jason] We're thinking about the modern home buyer, where you have a place to put your keys and your mail when you come in the door in our drop zone. Or, a way to entertain not only in your dining room, but at your kitchen table or even at your office space within the home. And finally, we're thinking about being a flexible builder to allow you to change the home to what you really need.