What is a Post Tension Slab?


During your search for a new home, you may have come across the term Post-Tension Slab. Dorn Homes uses post-tension slabs in every home built in the Prescott area, instead of a conventional concrete slab. Why? Concrete slabs rely on support from the soil below, but in some areas (including Prescott) the soil actively expands and contracts due to moisture changes. This prevents the soil from providing the proper amount of support to the concrete slab that can result in foundation cracks.

To solve this problem, Dorn Homes introduced the use of post-tension slabs in our homes as part of our Exclusive Building Science. Basically, we build steel cables into the slab to reinforce the slab. Once the cables are placed they are tightened to apply pressure to the sides of the slab. This allows the slab to support itself, and not settle or crack due to unstable soil.

To learn more about post-tension slabs, come see us at one of our new home communities.

If you would like to read an indepth article from Builder Magazine about the benefits, and process to create post tension slabs, click here.